Stephanie E. Dreifuss, MD

Integrated Resident- R2


Fax: 412-383-8986

690 Scaife Hall, 3550 Terrace Street

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Stephanie Dreifuss earned her degree with distinction in Chemistry from Duke University in 2010.   She then graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2014.  Dr. Dreifuss has pursued basic science research interests in adipose stem cell biology and clinical research interests in body contouring surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, and congenital breast anomalies.   Dr. Dreifuss began her surgical training in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in July of 2014. 


Cum Laude (2014)

Ross H. Musgrave M.D. Plastic Surgery Award (2014)

William K. Sieber M.D. Pediatric Surgery Award (2014)

O’Malley Award for Outstanding Medical Student Research in Basic Science (2014)

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (2013)

Merit Award for Medical Student Research (2011)

Dean’s Summer Research Grant (2011)

Harris Foundation Scholarship (2010-2014)

Dean of the School of Medicine Merit Scholarship (2010-2014)

Graduation with Distinction in Chemistry (2010)

Undergraduate Outstanding Service Award (2010)


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Dr. Dreifuss has also received recognition for abstracts and presentations at local, regional, national, and international meetings.