The Adipose Stem Cell Center (ASCC) and the Vascularized Composite Allotransplant and Microsurgery Lab (VCAM) represented the Plastic Surgery Department at the 2018 Regenerative Medicine Workshop in Charleston, South Carolina on March 23rd – 25th.

The 2018 Regenerative Medicine Workshop focused on synergizing science, engineering, and clinical translation. The workshop is co-organized by the University of Pittsburgh, Regenerative Engineering and Medicine Center (a research consortium between Georgia Tech, Emory, and the University of Georgia), University of Wisconsin Madison, and the Mayo Clinic.

Representing the Department this year were:

  • Kacey Marra, PhD chaired a podium presentation session focused on tissue engineering scaffolds and tissue regeneration.
  • Kia Washington, M.D. – Keynote Presentation
    • Total Human Eye Allotransplantation: Looking Toward the Future of Vision Restoration Therapy
  • Gabriella DiBernardo, B.S. – Poster
    • Axomax™- A Novel Composite Nerve Guide for Peripheral Nerve Repair
  • Moriah Johngrass, B.S. – Poster
    • Development of a Clinically Relevant Xenograft Model for Localized Fat Graft Tumor Suppression
  • Benjamin Schilling, B.S. – Poster
    • Adipose-derived Stem Cells Delay Muscle Atrophy after Peripheral Nerve Injury in the Rodent Model