Alumni Association

At Pitt Plastic Surgery we are proud to have recruited and trained generations of leaders in our field.  To date, there have been approximately 310 plastic surgery residents and fellows who have trained here at Pitt.  At last count, 22 alumni of Pitt’s plastic surgery residency programs have served at one time as Division Chiefs at nearly a quarter of the nation’s 90 plastic surgery programs.

Having celebrated the elevation of Pitt Plastic Surgery to Departmental status in 2012, it is our goal to build stronger ties to our alumni, promoting a closer relationship between all of the alumni, the Department of Plastic Surgery, and the current resident trainees.

July 1, 2019, Guy M Stofman MD Class of 1991 took over as President of the Futrell Alumni Society , the official University of Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Alumni Association. He follows the leadership of Dr Ken Shestak the first president who spearheaded the organization for years and set the groundwork for the outstanding group it has become!
The mission of our organization has and always will be a vehicle to keep our family of Alumni close and informed about Pitt Plastic Surgery. It’s about the residents, the faculty , the achievements and of course the Alumni that we are so proud!

Because of the many technological advances and the advent of social media, it is now easier than ever to stay in touch.  At Pitt Plastic Surgery, we will be utilizing many of these mechanisms (i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and eNewsletters) to further enhance our relationships while emphasizing the camaraderie which is so special and emblematic of the Pitt Plastic Surgery Alumni.

History of the Department of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Futrell recalls the early years of Pitt Plastic Surgery and those who helped turn it into the world-class learning and research department that it is today.