I am so glad I went to Pittsburgh for fat-pad grafting surgery by Drs. Gusenoff. I had had many cortisone injections on my left foot and the metatarsal fat pad was worn thin. My foot hurt even when I wasn’t walking. A pain doctor wanted to put me on drugs, but I found a much better solution. I am now walking 1 mile almost every day and participating in social events that involve standing to mingle with people…something I hadn’t been able to do for several years. The procedure really enhanced my quality of life.

– MK age 81.

Dear Dr. Jeff and Beth Gusenoff,
My feet are getting better. I’ve had very little pain. I want to say thank you for your interest in this procedure. Thank you for your decision to become doctors. And to see the love and respect for each other as you work together makes for a beautiful practice. God bless

– Nancy N.

Beth and Jeff,
The studies took me from crutches to cycling again so I am eternally grateful. Good news, because it was OK for me to do lots of steps I finally got back on my bike…so I am back at it and hope to get back with my cronies, the Mt. Lebanon Cycling and Caffeine Club. Best wishes forever.

– David S.

I am very glad that I was chosen to participate in the pedal foot grafting study. I’ m now free to enjoy all the activities that were once hindered by pain – if I had any pressure on my left foot.Routine walking in my employment or for recreation once was hampered. I have been pain-free during the last year!Thank you, Drs. Jeff & Beth Gusenoff for giving me the opportunity to be able to continue an active lifestyle – with-out any limited ambulation.

– Kathryn D.

Dear Drs. Jeffrey and Beth Gusenoff,
Thank you for creating the Pedal Fat Graft Surgery. I am thrilled with the results! Years prior to the surgery I had worn out the fat pads on the balls of my feet. Often after just 15 minutes of walking it felt that I was stepping on a thumb tack. I had many custom-made orthotics, and metatarsal pads, that offered little relief. I often wished that I could re-grow my own fat pads. I can walk significantly further since having
this surgery. I am also so happy with how this procedure has helped my Raynauds. Prior to surgery I would often have to put my feet on a heating pad to pull out of a Raynauds attack. I have not had to put my feet on a heating pad since the surgery. (I can still have Raynauds reactions, but they are not nearly as severe.) The surgery was truly life-changing . Both of you, and your entire staff were amazingly kind and wonderful.
Gratefully yours,

– P.R. (Maryland)

I think Jeff and Beth were really great. And it’s really cool that they figured out how to combine their expertise – her knowledge of the foot, his of fat grafting – and put it together to help people.

– R.L. (New York) –

FULL TESTIMONIAL HERE: https://www.upmc.com/services/plastic-surgery/richard-lubarsky

I always thought I was one of those lucky people who never got injured. And then this happened. Not having the ability to run, which was my thing, took a toll on me. I had to stop pretty much all activity. It felt like I lost a part of myself. It was hard. I was trying to push through and live my life, but I was always in pain.

I stopped noticing my foot for the first time in a long time. Up until then, I was always aware of that body part because of the intense pain. It’s like I got part of my life back. I feel so lucky to live in the Pittsburgh area. The last time I saw Beth and Jeff, I gave them a hug and told them what great work they are doing.

– S.F (Pittsburgh)

Beth and Jeff really put my mind at ease. They were very attentive and set realistic expectations. They made me feel like it was going to work.
My recovery is at about 90 percent, but I’m cautious about distance. The road to being able to feel normal again – that was a long haul. You have to stick with it, but the results are worth it. This is my second chance at having a quality life.

– CC (Indiana)