Tips I found useful for Foot Surgery Preparation

(from a patient)

Since I had no experience with prior foot surgery, I relied upon friends who helped me set up.  Here’s some things to consider:

1) Prior to surgery when friends/neighbors asked if they could be bring over food or be helpful, I said, “Yes, that would be great”. They responded, and it was very helpful especially the first few weeks. I also appreciated the visits as I am not used to being housebound. A partner or friend to assist in the first few weeks is also valuable.

2) I arranged to be on one floor for the first month – lucky to have a comfortable pullout sofa in the living room under which I stored many things. I also had baskets of clothes, etc. on one side of bed along with books, computer, chargers, pens, etc. ready before the surgery. I knew I wouldn’t be doing much moving around the first few weeks.

3) Equipment I found very helpful to have at hand prior to surgery:

  1. a) light-weight wheel chair (Clear path for moving easily – may need to move furniture/rugs)
  2. b) Knee-scooter, which I used on second floor after first month
  3. c) Portable toilet
  4. d) lots of pillows of different sizes and arm-chair bed rest
  5. e) yoga mat nearby to do exercises on floor
  6. f) cane, crutches
  7. g) tray by bed for water, meds, food, etc.

I also purchased an iWalk allowing one (after the first few weeks when assured of balance) to stand on a peg-like foot while knee is strapped onto a platform.   Although others have used it with success, I didn’t find it as convenient or comfortable as the wheelchair, so I didn’t really use it.

I found lots of the above at second-hand stores and Goodwill, Planet Aid. I was given two wheel chairs (no longer needed by neighbors/friends).  I keep one in the car and one in the house and will pass them on when no longer needed.