Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Message from Our Department Chair:

Codified in the core values of our department is the following key principle:

We value a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, and dignity for all, and we choose to lead by example with our behavior.

The Department of Plastic Surgery is committed to promoting diversity among our team members, enhancing care to the patients we serve with respect and without bias, and leading efforts for positive change.

We recognize the strength in our diversity and know that different perspectives derived from our diverse backgrounds lead to better healthcare and new solutions to difficult problems. We are stronger together!

J. Peter Rubin, MD, MBA

Diversity Initiatives:

Cultural M&M Offered during Grand Rounds:

2023 Upcoming Seminars (8:00 a.m.):

Feb 8th: Mentorship/Sponsorship
March 29th: Ableism
April 26th: Structural Racism
May 31st: Leadership and National Representation
June 28th: Salary, Imposter syndrome and Sticky floors

Information from Previous Presentations:

Jan 25, 2023: Stereotype Threat:

Remote Research Opportunities:

This program was designed to encourage medical students from diverse and underrepresented communities to pursue careers in plastic surgery and biomedical-related research.  Research projects focus on topics such as health disparities, leadership qualities, and medical student education. Remote researchers work with world-class University of Pittsburgh faculty, residents and student leaders in the field of plastic surgery. The program targets those who are committed to plastic surgery and do not have the available resources to conduct plastic surgery research at their current hospitals. More information can be found here.