Project Description

Mohin Bhadkamkar was born and raised in Katy, Texas and then attended college at The University of Texas in Austin. He then attended medical school at Baylor College of Medicine and subsequently completed Plastic Surgery residency. He is an avid sports fan and also enjoys traveling and wildlife.

Why Pitt?
I was drawn to UPMC for the opportunity to learn the full breadth of microsurgical and complex reconstruction in an incredibly collaborative and collegial environment. The faculty are world renowned experts and heavily invested in the personal and professional growth of each fellow, and I look forward to being a part of the Pitt legacy.

University Honors-University of Texas at Austin (2007-2008)
College Scholar Award-University of Texas at Austin (2008-2010)
Eagle Scout

Peer Reviewed Articles

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Textbook Chapters

  1. Bhadkamkar M.A., Pederson W.C. Reconstruction of Plantar Heel Defect. In: Gravvanis A., Kakagia D.D., Ramakrishnan V. (eds) Clinical Scenarios in Reconstructive Microsurgery. Springer, Cham. 2020
  2. Bhadkamkar MA, Clemens MW. Correction of the Unsatisfactory Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction. In: Problem Solving in Reconstructive Surgery. Thieme, 2021[In Press].
    Also 4 national podium presentations

Areas of Interest
Head and Neck reconstruction, Mohs reconstruction, lower extremity reconstruction