Clinical Trials

The Plastic Surgery Department at the University of Pittsburgh has thorough and broad expertise in Clinical Trial Research across several multidisciplinary areas. We currently run 7 clinical trials through our Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine (CIRM), directed by J. Peter Rubin, MD and Patsy A. Simon, RN BS CCRC CCRA.

CIRM is a nationally-recognized center for excellence in restorative medicine, offering an array of clinical trials that are on the forefront of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Scopes of our studies focus on:

Adipose stem cell therapy for fat graft restoration:

Autologous Fat Grafting, Amputation Sites Pain: Randomized (AMP30) – Currently Recruiting

  • A prospective, randomized clinical study to assess the efficacy of minimally invasive autologous fat transfer addressing pain and poor prosthetic fit at amputation sites. Read more

In-Vivo Assessment of Adipose Allograft Extracellular Matrix in Abdominoplasty Patients – Currently Recruiting

  • This study assess local tissue reaction and retention of an adipose allograft extracellular matrix at 3 or 6 months post-injection into the subcutaneous abdominal tissue of healthy volunteers scheduled to undergo elective panniculectomy. Read more

The Management of Closed Surgical Incisions Resulting From Incisional Hernia Repair and/or Functional Panniculectomy Using the Prevena™ Customizable™ Dressing – Completed

  • This study evaluates the impact of customizable in the management of extensive closed surgical incisions for subjects undergoing abdominal surgery for incisional hernia repair and/or functional panniculectomy as compared to SOC dressing, and to significantly reduce the SSC rate experienced by Subjects receiving Customizable vs. SOC surgical incision dressing. Read more

Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Platform (PUMP) – Completed

  • The goal of the trial is to validate the ability of each of the sensor prototypes to accurately detect when subjects are turned, in order to reduce stationary positioning which contributes to the incidence of pressure ulcers and to improve compliance with patient repositioning trials. Read more

Foot Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting and Retention for Heel Fat Pad Atrophy – Currently Recruiting

  • This study assesses the adipose stem cell characteristics in patients undergoing autologous fat grafting for heel fat pad atrophy and correlates these characteristics with fat retentionRead more

Perforating Fat Injections for Plantar Fasciosis (PRF) – Currently Recruiting

  • This Study evaluates the safety of perforating fat injection into the plantar fascia in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis to improve pain, quality of life, and thickness of the fascia. Read more

Peripheral Nerve Injury

Comparison of Processed Nerve Allograft and Collagen Nerve Cuffs for Peripheral Nerve Repair (RECON) – Currently Recruiting

  • Processed Nerve Allograft and Collagen Nerve Cuffs will be compared to assess safety and functional outcomes for the repair of nerve injuries in the hand. Read more


Antibiotics and Cleft Palate Repair

Efficacy of Preoperative Prophylactic Antibiotics in Preventing Complications in the Primary Repair of Cleft Palates – Read more

Bone Forming Potential of Cells

Osteogenic Profiling of Tissue from Children with Craniosynostosis – Read more

Facial Fracture Growth

Pediatric Facial Fracture Growth and Development Study – Read more

Plastic Surgery Database and Research Registry

Pediatric Plastic Surgery and Cleft-Craniofacial Center Clinical Database and Research Registry – Read more

Swallowing Study

Pilot Study Evaluating Characteristic Closure Patterns of the Normal Velopharyngeal Portal – Read more

Hand Transplantation Program

For information about human subject research trials conducted out of the UPMC Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine, please contact:

Patsy Simon, RN, BS, CCRC, CCRA
Director, Operations, UPMC Wound Research Alliance
Director, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, UPMC Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine (CIRM)
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Plastic Surgery
6B Scaife Hall, RM 664
3550 Terrace St.
Pittsburgh, PA. 15261
Phone: 412-648-9207​